A fresh take on tradition for your gift-giving season...

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Poinsettias are a symbol of the joyous holiday season ahead!


We provide premium quality, florist-grade plants in the popular colors as well as select novelty varieties that are as unique as you. Order now to pre-book your poinsettia plants to ensure availability for the sizes, colors and quantities you require for your business.

Take a moment to view our Poinsettia selections with delivered prices to your workplace. Don’t forget to add Poinsettia CARE to your cart to ensure beautiful blooms that last all season long!

All order placed online prior to November 11th. will receive an additional 5% OFF all Poinsettia products.  



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Are your Poinsettias GUARANTEED to last? Your premium poinsettias need our premium care!


From all of us at Plant Interscapes—we wish you a very successful holiday season as we reflect back on the past year!